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"I attended your course 2 years ago and have pulled hundreds of wisdom teeth since. I loved the course and credit it with my success". Thank you so much.

- Dr. Stephen Schalk 



“I recently attended Dr. Gaum's 3-Day Hands-on course on Oral Surgery for the GP.  I can honestly say it is one of the most helpful continuing education seminars that I have attended during my 24 year career as a general dentist.  It is readily apparent that Dr. Gaum has the heart of a teacher and a sincere desire to help dentists like myself improve their clinical skills. I am certain that my patients and staff will benefit a great deal from the knowledge Dr. Gaum has shared.”

- Dr. Eric Crawford



"Taking Dr. Gaum’s course gave me the training, experience and courage to do what we are supposed to do as dentists - extract teeth. His courses allowed me to become proficient in wisdom teeth extractions and patient management. I now refer less than 1% of my extraction cases; those that I predict will be trouble. His course is one of the best investments in over 1800 hours of courses that I have taken."

- Dr. Neil J. Gajjar



"Excellent course! Dr. Gaum’s no-nonsense approach and helpful tips improved my surgeries on Monday morning."

- Dr. Peter Fuzy



"Dr. Gaum's course is the BEST investment I've ever made!  His course gave me the tools, techniques and confidence to tackle extractions and surgical procedures I shied away from in the past.  My only regret is that I didn't take this course sooner!"

- Dr. Mohamad Salame



"This is a practical, nuts-and-bolts course. Dr. Gaum demystifies surgical extractions and you will be utilizing the techniques taught come Monday morning".

- Dr. Robert Fraser



“I just wanted to give you an update that I did two cases last week removing four impacted 3rd molars using your techniques and the instruments you recommended. Both cases went very well. The crane pick is totally my favourite instrument now. Thank you very much! The course made me very much more confident with my surgery skills.”  

- Dr. Karim Habib



"Dr. Gaum’s course paid immediate dividends for me and my practice, and still does. It is a must-take course for every G.P."

- Dr. Elio Filice



"Dr. Gaum shows you the nuts and bolts of oral surgery to provide confidence and quality treatment for your patient."

- Dr. Rick Soordhar



"I completed a surgical mandibular 8 extraction using the techniques that I learned from Dr. Gaum’s course, the procedure was quick, effective, and just as I practiced in the course."

- Dr. Naima Liamani



"I just want to thank you for offering such an enlightening and interesting course. Thank you, again, for being such a great speaker and teacher, Dr. Gaum."

- Dr. Millie Calko



"I thoroughly enjoyed the course this past weekend. Thank you for being so approachable and answering all my questions."

- Dr. Gary Senderovich



"I was in Dr. Gaum's course last weekend. It is the best course that I have been to. The course is very informative and Dr. Gaum offered his precious knowledge to us without any reservations. He is one of the best CE speakers that I had ever seen."

- Dr. Yao Ge



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