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"Finally, a no-nonsense manual, specifically written for the general dentist, that actually teaches good 'bread and butter' general oral surgery in a step-by-step fashion, accompanied by numerous color photographs."

-  Dr. Charles Balaban DDS FADI

Oral Surgery for the General Dentist:

A Step-by-Step Practical Approach Manual , 2nd Edition

Oral Surgical Videos for

the General Dentist

More Oral Surgical Videos for the General Dentist

Oral Surgery for the General Dentist is written specifically for the general dental practitioner.


This step-by-step clinical manual illustrates general, everyday oral surgical procedures and provides the knowledge to perform these procedures with competency.


Dental students are often inadequately trained in, or exposed to, oral surgery techniques while in school. This practical resource details commonly encountered dental conditions requiring surgical intervention and includes hundreds of full color photographs.


This manual is a must for every general dentist!


An exclusive DVD devoted to teaching the General Dentist numerous surgical procedures through the use of live videos.

The videos will simplify and demystify oral surgery for the busy G.P. It is a must for dentists performing oral surgery in their practice. You can’t afford to be without it. Dental Students as well will benefit immensely from this presentation.

You will be given the “Practical Clinical Facts: and nothing but the facts. This is a “One of a Kind” surgical gem that you will not see available anywhere else.

This DVD showcases a new collection of videos consisting of surgical procedures not present in the first DVD of the series.


Here are some of the procedures you will find in this volume: surgical removals of lower molar and cuspid roots, surgical amputation of an upper cuspid root (on a fixed bridge), diminished traumatic extractions, surgical removal of a stone in the submandibular duct, frenectomy and frenotomy, proper suturing, etc

Just Wisdom_2ndEdition_Cover.jpg

Just Wisdom 

2nd Edition

NEW: Just Wisdom 2nd Edition by Dr. Lawrence Gaum. It contains many valuable and interesting additions, changes and updates like Principle of Levers, most common Complications, why they happen, how to solve the problem and in the future, how to avoid them from happening again.

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